Friday, July 18, 2008

5. What this experience has taught me

Throughout my life I have been attuned to my body, listening to its messages. In time I’ve become so aware of the connection between the physical-, emotional- and the mind-body, that whenever I feel a pain or discomfort in any part of the body, I ask myself why and how it relates to my state of mind at the moment. The TKR surgery and recovery procedure have further deepened my connection to and regard for my body. It is an autonomous entity; it clean­ses and regulates itself, maintaining the amazing equilibrium of all its complex systems, most miraculously – it heals itself. Always acute, now my senses are even sharper, my intuition speaks to me in a clearer voice.* I hope that my account and recommendations help someone decide when, where and by whom to have a joint replacement done, while at the same time listening to and respecting their own body’s voice.

*A glacier climber in Peru who survived injured and trapped in a crevasse for 8 days, yet managed to get to his camp, told, that through it all, there was a clear inner voice at every step telling him what to do.


Anonymous said...

Your story has been an inspiration to me and I am feeling just lie you before surgery, scheduled to have TKR, less invasive, in 2 weeks and getting antsy about it, thank you for your post it makes me feel better, main concern is blood clots and infection.

Vlasta said...

Dear "Antsy,"

Thank you for your comment and I am happy if I helped you in a smallest way. It's been a long time, since you wrote and I got to respond. I trust, everything went well and your body has accepted your new joint as a welcome newcomer. In 2009 I had my other knee replaced, but to this day (4.2013) this knee doesn't feel like "mine." So not all less invasive TKR are "equal," even if performed in the same set-up!